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Lithograph with Earth Rocker Purchase

Hit your local record store on Tuesday March 19th to pick up the new album and get a free lithograph with your purchase while supplies last. Find a store in your area HERE and call for lithograph availability!



Crucial Velocity

Less than a month until the release of Earth Rocker.

Another Secret Performace




Jean-Paul Never Stops Working


From Hood Ornament to Album Cover

Where did Nik Lak get his inspiration for the upcoming Clutch release, Earth Rocker? Did this face appear to him in a dream?

From the mouth of Nick Lakiotes
“I sat down with Neil over a scotch and diet coke and talked about what we wanted to do. We vollied back and forth some ideas pulling vibes from Sabbath’s ‘Never Say Die’ & ‘Technical Ecstasy’, when we started looking at vintage car hood ornaments. We ran across some classic Pontiac ones that have sick amber busts of Native American figures on them.

I instantly envisioned these ornaments flying down avenues with classic rock and roll pouring out of them. So we pushed them intergalactic. Neil one night shot me a sketch he did based on some Parducci sculptures that adorn the Penobscot Building in Detriot and that became our spring board.

The whole processes was like surfing the internet very late at night. You start looking up pictures of classic italian sculpture and wind up watching documentaries about ayahuasca.”


Clutch Reveals Earth Rocker Album Art

With a little bit more than three months left before the release of CLUTCH’s highly anticipated new studio effort Earth Rocker, the band has officially unveiled the album’s artwork and has announced the initial dates for the first leg of the North American Earth Rocker world tour.

The artwork was created by Nick Lakiotes, long time CLUTCH art director, who has worked on previous efforts including: Robot Hive/Exodus and Strange Cousins From the West.

For More Info and tour dates visit:


Across the plain I see a figure

Tim Sult during the secret Earth Rocker party in Belleville, NJ.


Ba ba ba break it down

Another photo from the secret Earth Rocker rager in Belleville, NJ. More to come.


The band is kicking, and I see lots of beers

Clutch played a secret party at the Machine Shop in Belleville, NJ to celebrate the recording of their new record, Earth Rocker, to be released in March 2013. Stay tuned for more from that party.


Dan and Machine Work On the Right Noise


Jean-Paul With Agressive Finesse